IBAN Accounts & FX

If you need a regulated banking partner to provide safe custody of your funds, we can issue IBAN accounts with our selected institutional providers.

Instant Payments

With faster Payments, this allows you to send and receive GBP & EUR quickly and easily via FPS/ SEPA INST. Ensuring that you can get paid faster and keep your cash flow moving.


Enabling you to send and receive USD and non-EURO currency internationally, making it easy to do business with customers & suppliers around the world.

SEPA Direct Debit

With SEPA Direct Debit, you can register DD mandates to receive payments via DD in EUR, making it easy to collect recurring payments from your customers.

We also have IBANs in EUR/GBP/USD, as well as 24 additional currencies through an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) regulated by tier one European credit institutions. This account has web and mobile banking apps and can receive and send funds to a broad spectrum of countries and entities.


Our payment services offer a range of options to help you manage your finances quickly and easily. With SEPA/SEPA Instant, you can receive and send EUR payments via SEPA and SEPA Instant, ensuring that your transactions are processed quickly and efficiently.

Online Account Portal

Our online account portal provides you with a seamless way to manage your online account via a web browser on a desktop or mobile app. Access your account information and make payments from anywhere, at any time.

Debit Card and Expenses

Our debit card and expenses service allows you to keep an eye on your company and individual expenses with sub-accounts and linked debit cards. This ensures that you can easily manage your expenses and keep track of your spending.

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